Encounter Edit

Tremors roll through the ruins every now and then. Collapsing infrastructure, sinkholes, and battle are always a threat, even today.

A gaping hole in the plaza ahead shows signs of a big one in the past. Footprints lead straight to the edge of the fissure. Probably someone on night maneuvers, and whammo! Likely never saw it coming.

You lie down, and peer over the edge. There's a man sprawled on a ledge. A fair way down, too. He waves at you, and indicates a broken leg. There's a vine here. The damn things grow like weeds these days. Literal urban jungle.

It might be long enough to reach him. But it could also take a while. And the middle of the plaza's not good for cover.

Choices Edit

1. Lower the vine, and climb down. Hang on, guy! (Help)

(Player proceeds to the rim of the hole and tries the strength of the vine. It snaps and the man knows he's doomed. He tooses player an ammo clip before going back down to his inevitable fate. Player receives 3 ammo.)

2. Not sure about the vine, but you lower it anyway. He'll have to climb it himself. (Loot)

(Man proceeds to climb the vine, but it suddenly snaps and he fell right back. This time even more hurt, the angles wrong and hes cries are loud for a deep hole. Player leaves him and nothing happens.)

3. Help him? Way out there in the open? With you head down a hole? No thanks. (Escape)

(Maybe one day you'll meet your maker and pay the price. But not today. Nothing happens.)

4. Lower the vine. Not all the way. Three-quarters should do it. He'll have to jump. Broken leg or not. Strive to succeed, guy. Strive to succeed. (Lure)

(Player realizes that in dire situations, with company and encouragement, one would forgot about their current problems and strive for the better good. Man doesn't make it out. Nothing happens.)

Notes Edit

  • Code Name: Gaping Sinkhole
  • Found in Ruins Hex.

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