You've come across a funeral parlor. There's a storage room out back, stacked full of wooden coffins. Most of them have been broken up for firewood, but one or two remain.

You open one to find a man, woman, and child sleeping inside it, enjoying the padded luxury. Suprised, you slam the lid back down, and sit on it while you think of a plan. The rubble scum family frantically bang the lid underneath you.

Are they legit? Or the type to jump you as soon as you turn your back?

As far as you're concerned, there is no worse fate than being buried alive. Being trapped in a coffin must come close. There is, you notice, a lock mechanism on the side of the coffin. Must have been a luxury number.


1. You can't do it. Not even rubble scum deserve to be consigned to such a horrible fate. Let them out. (Fall Back)

(Player jumps off lid and runs away. Player escapes with no harm.)

2. Lock it down. Come back in a few days and loot their corpses. (Loot)

(Lock holds for a minute before being busted open. Player gets attacked by the family before escaping. Player escapes with 2 minor injuries.)

3. Bah! Rubble scum. Lock the lid. Round out some rubbish and that lighter. Set fire to coffin. (Burn)

(Family gets burned alive. No bodies/remains. Player gets a lit medium campfire and a new lighter.)


  • Code name: Evil 10.3