Film Can
Value (at 100%): $40.00
Weight: 2.74 kg
Stack Size: 1

60mm film spool in a canister, labeled "Woodhouse Moor Lodges - Louis Le Prince" is an item found only in Merga's Realm.

Louis Le Prince was an early cinematographer who mysteriously vanished in 1890. In the events leading up to his disappearance, famous inventor Thomas Edison attempted to claim Le Prince's invention: a process of making picture movies using single-lens cameras and Eastman's paper film. 

The film shows motion images of regularly life, until Philip notices a haunting, disembodied white mask starting at the camera from one of the lodge windows.

The insinuation is that the the Merga Wraith was involved in the disappearance of Louis Le Prince, and that his embattlement with Thomas Edison could have been linked. Given Edison's predatory nature towards those who declined his advances to aquire patents or inventions, it is likely that the Edison somehow contacted the Merga Wraith to dispose of his rival Le Prince.

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