A Feral Dog is a stray dogs in the wild who usually stay away from the player unless approached. There are also Feral Dog Leaders who usually lead a pack of Feral Dogs. They are not very dangerous, and avoid combat with the player, however, in packs they can easily overwhelm a poorly equipped player. Their weapon is always their teeth, which is "bite", and can scratch and bruise the player.

When killed, a Feral Dog will yield:

In combat, they will approach and attack you, but once they are hurt or obviously can't win, then they retreat from the player, and act much like Melonheads, who prefer to attack in packs when the player is vulnerable or sleeping. When in packs, if one of them is killed or injured, then they all retreat from the player. To avoid being attacked at night, do not sleep with a campfire in the open or if you do then make sure to have a noise trap in your camp.

Hunting Feral Dogs when they are not in packs is very beneficial when trying to craft some warm clothing out of fur and getting a quick supply of food. They are much easier to hunt compared to deer, as deer run away as soon as they are approached by the player.