There are several, more or less organized groups, that fight for survival, as well as their own obscure goals, among the desolated ruins and wildlands of Michigan. Most of them are mentioned either at some important locations or during the random encounters. Few, like DMC guards, can be directly interacted with.

Alvin's ButchersEdit

An organization dealing with capturing and selling slaves.

Anishinaabe Tribal NationEdit

A Native American tribe that occupies the ATN Enclave, a well guarded camp hidden in the middle of a forest area near the center of the state. The ATN Warriors patrol the surrounding wildlands, fending off bandits and dogmen, but allowing peaceful folks go unharmed. Their ancestors are responsible for making the copper beads that player can find at the Allegan Fairgrounds.

Bad MuthasEdit

An organized gang of cannibals. They are operating from the Zom Zom's gladiatorial arena, where they organize brutal fights between slaves and random people from among those unable to pay for the entry and cruelly construsted robots, and are feeding the remains of slain contestants to the public, in form of a tasty BBQ. Bad Muthas gang members are constantly searching the surrounding countryside for the fresh victims, to resupply their rapidly depleting supply of food and living "volunteers" for the fights.

DMC GuardEdit

DMC Guards are part of a private security and law enforcement force protecting the Detroit Megacity. They constantly patrol the area surrounding the gates, making short work of troublemakers around the area.

The SkyCorps Patrol utilize skybikes and are called in for more serious offenses.


Simple wild deer, perfect for hunting, especially if the player has the Trapping skill to make maximum use of the carcass.


Powerful beasts resembling werewolves, vicious and a threat to any unprepared player, but a bountiful source of meat and fur for those who can defeat them.

Enclavers and rubble scumEdit

Collective name for all the small settlements, existing outside of the DMC. Some of the random encounters hint at very harsh and strict rules governing these communities.

Feral DogEdit

Dogs gone feral, hunting around the wasteland. Not very dangerous alone, but they can be vicious and a significant threat to earlier players in a pack.


A passive group of people who just want to live in the wasteland. Will not attack on sight.

Martha's ArmyEdit

A militant group who blames technology for ruining the world. They fight against the technological society.


Melonheads are cannibals that can be encountered, they are extremely weak and can easily be scared away. They can also call for help from other nearby Melonheads, making them a potential threat when in numbers.

The Church of the Blue FrogEdit

A religious cult organizing gang-like raids.

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