Enfield Horror (avatar)

A new menace to haunt the dark, cold nights of post-apocalyptic Michigan, the Enfield Horror is the most monstrous to be seen yet.


The Enfield Horror is a truly bizarre creature. It's a furry, three-legged being with a large, hunchbacked torso. Its two front legs are very short, with claw-like hands almost touching the ground. Its head is large and misshapen, sporting a pair of big red eyes and a gaping teeth-filled mouth.


Enfield Horrors have several unique combat moves, not shared by other non-human creatures. They have special actions that allow them to bound forward or leap away from their foe in melee, taking advantage of their powerful limbs. Their forward leap knocks opponents down like a tackle but doesn't make the Enfield Horror fallen. They often follow up with a powerful trample attack on their downed foes.

Along with their tough and fast traits, Enfield Horrors are quite dangerous, especially to non-combat-oriented characters.

Despite all of this, Enfield Horrors only rarely attack the player, and can often be scared off with the Threaten option.


Because they never carry any items, the only reason to attack Enfield Horrors is to get food. If combat is undesirable, the player can attempt to scare them off (which is possible, despite the monster's look). But will be very difficult to do so.

During combat, it is advisable to keep the distance and use a projectile weapon. Besides this being the safer option, Enfield Horrors cannot take cover due to their large size.

It is possible to kill them with melee weapons if the player can get close without being knocked down.


  • Based on a real-world story about creature that supposedly visited town of Enfield, Illinois on April, 1973.
  • The player can meet one of them during an encounter in the Strange Forest.
  • There is a reference to the Enfield Horror in one of the possible hackable data
  • Unlike most other creatures, no extra meat or hide is gained from using the trapping skill when butchering the corpse.