Cryo Lighting
Cryo Lighting
Electrical Panel - Light Fixture
Electrical Panel
Value (at 100%): $0.00
Weight: can't be moved
Stack Size: 1
Light Fixture
Value (at 100%): $5.00
Weight: can't be moved
Stack Size: 1

The electrical panel is an item found in Exam Room 17 of the Gyges Cryo Facility, along with the HVAC vent. When inside the actual building, choosing to "Examine the electrical panel" will spawn the recipe for 'cryo lighting'. Players with the Electrician skill can repair the electrical panel, effectively creating a "light fixture". This can be done outside the building, via the camp screen, on the main map hex.

Light fixtureEdit

Repairing the light fixture provides the following benefit:

Player is using an artificial light, and can see easily even at night.

The Cryo Facility hex will always be illuminated, day and night, once the light fixture has been repaired.


Cryo Lighting (R) 0.20
  • Electrical Panel (1)
    • Electrical Panel

Properties and recipe usesEdit

Electrical PanelEdit

  • Electrical Panel:
    • Cryo Lighting (1, R)

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