green "LM: RIOT" duffel bag
Value (at 100%): $50.00
Weight: 0.59 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 10 x 6

The green "LM: RIOT" duffel bag is a container item in NEO Scavenger.

The duffel bag can be equipped onto the left shoulder slot (not the backpack slot, thus it can be used simultaneously with another container using the backpack slot) and has a 10x6 capacity. It can be, on rare occasions, found while scavenging, in the possession of NPCs, or as merchandise at the Junk Market or the ATN Enclave trading post.

The bag itself is 5x3 when empty and 7x4 otherwise. Thus, when loaded into a vehicle, it provides 32 additional spaces.

This item degrades at a rate of .1%/hour.


  • Before v0.9936, the item was spelled "duffle bag" before being changed to its more traditional spelling of "duffel bag".

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