PW-Tronics Digital Water Tester
Water Tester
Value (at 100%): $50.00
Weight: 0.09 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 1 x 1

The PW-Tronics Digital Water Tester is a rare but useful device that lets the user test their water supply for contaminants through the crafting screen. The result is listed as water (analyzed) until the crafting is completed. After leaving the crafting screen a true status of tested water is revealed as either:

  • water (sterilized)
  • water (infected) - presumably containing traces of Cholera
  • water (poisoned, sterilized) - toxic water, probably from the The Great Black Swamp area

While this test won't always yield usable water, it only costs 0.01 moves, so it takes much less effort than boiling water. Unlike cooking however, it does not allow to purify the contaminated droplets.

This device can come in handy in desperate situations. If a player's status bars are dangerously low and they only have one move per turn or are hiding from enemies, these can potentially be used to get the hydration bar up enough to get back on their feet.

It works on standard AA batteries (can operate with a single one or a stack of two inside) and uses a single charge for each test.


Analyzed Water 0.01
  • Water Tester (1, T)
    • Digital Water Tester
  • Water (unidentified) (1)
    • Water
    • Water (infected)
    • water (poisoned, sterilized)
    • Water (sterilized)

Properties and recipe usesEdit

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