This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game

This category of items consists of applications that add new useful abilities to the device in which they are stored, along with various data files which do not have a function other than to display the data they contain.

While different in function, all electronic content share similar item properties:

  • They cannot be placed anywhere outside of storage devices such as a cellphone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or memory stick. This includes the ground grid. They are also ignored by the crafting system.
  • To access digital content, the device it is in must be unlocked and powered by a battery containing sufficient electric charges. If the device is locked or unpowered, everything stored in it (other than batteries) will be blacked-out and inaccessible. The exception to this is that memory sticks are always unlocked and do not require power.
  • The background color indicates the type of digital content, as well as the type of device in which it can be used. (Memory sticks can hold all types.)
    • Brown — data files; usable in all devices
    • Orange — laptop software
    • Violet — tablet software
    • Green — smartphone software


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