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Detroit Savings Bank

Detroit Savings Bank is a location inside Detroit Megacity. It is a small bank booth with a teller and an ATM inside.

Note: If you did not check the terminal at the Cryo Facility, it will not appear as a location.

Looking for informationEdit

With an interest to discover more about the billing account that paid for his cryo-sleep, Philip Kindred can investigate the Detroit Savings Bank in the heart of Detroit Megacity - one of the few remaining locales where an actual living person is available to give information to customers.

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Options are:

  • Leave the bank.
  • Wait for the teller to leave. (requires at least Lockpicking to be successful) - may need to be repeated several times if the teller continues to notice the player hanging around. If spotted, escape is possible, but a security guard will be present upon return.
    • When the teller leaves without seeing character he will be able to break inside, either by breaking the door or quietly with Lockpicking. Successfully accessing the terminal can be achieved by using the Hacking skill or by information previously gathered using the Mechanic + Hiding skills or the Electrician skill, otherwise security will be alerted.
  • Threaten the teller. - Forcefully break into the teller's terminal to access the data. Successfully accessing the terminal can be achieved by using the Hacking skill or by information previously gathered using the Mechanic + Hiding skills or the Electrician skill, otherwise a SkyCorps Patrol will arrive to make an arrest.
  • Hiding - wait using the Hiding skill.
  • Mechanic (also requires the Hiding skill to be successful) Look for an HVAC intake. - block the HVAC intake using the Mechanic skill
    • (Mechanic) Block the HVAC intake.
      • Wait for the teller to return and log in.
        • Watch the teller log in. - Using the Hiding skill makes it possible to discover the terminal password without being detected. Any other choice (binoculars, scope, Telescopic skill, or the 'eye' icon) will result in being detected by the technician and the teller, ending (failing) the encounter.
  • Electrician Look for a junction box. - trigger the power cycle using the Electrician skill - worker leaves and calls in maintenance.
    • (Electrician) Trigger the power cycle.
      • Watch the teller log in with optical zoom. - Using binoculars, a scope, or the Telescopic skill (bought from Haggerty Health Clinic) will allow undetected observation of the teller inputting her password in the computer terminal, though you're not 100% sure of what she entered. The encounter will end (fail) if the eye icon option was chosen.
  • Enter the booth.
    • Ask the teller about the account directly. - Unable to fulfill the teller's request to produce some form of personal identification, no information will be given.
    • Pretend to be a mentally retarded patient. - Provide the account number or show her the Hospital Wrist Strap. The player will be able to sneak a peek at the account owner's details as the teller looks it up, then run off just in case.

The account used to pay for Philip's stay at the Cryo Facility is revealed to be:

McAllen, Cale
Concrete Forest Apartments
#3935, Tower 48
23140 Halsted Rd.
Detroit, G11 09-01

SkyCorps SecurityEdit

The hover bike, belonging to SkyCorps security force, will arrive at the scene only if character's actions during the encounter are violent or otherwise against the law. If that happens, the player will have to deal with the SkyCorps patrol.


  • Completing the Detroit Savings Bank encounter, without getting caught, counts as 1 point toward the Elusive legendary reputation.

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