This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Detroit Map
DMC Skyline

Panorama of DMC

The Detroit Megacity (DMC) is the largest civilized zone in NEO Scavenger.

Located at the southeast edge of Michigan, Detroit is a gigantic, futuristic city with skyline dominated by brightly lit skyscrapers and massive arcologies.

It is surrounded by a six-story high, fortified wall, with only points of entry through a series of heavily guarded gates (only Gate 11 is available for the player to approach). In order to get into the city, immigrants must wear a valid DMC Pass.


DMC SprawlEdit

On the outside of the city wall, around the DMC Gate, is a tent city called the Sprawl. It is home to those unable to afford a DMC Pass, taking advantage of the security provided by DMC guards nearby. Few cunning individuals, such as the Hatter or Junk Market traders, managed to make a decent living for themselves here, profiting from all the traffic going through the city gate. Other points of interest are the "Last Chance" Canteen, which offers cheap meals, and the Saint James Parkade, which rents secure homes for a 24-hour period.

Law enforcementEdit

During certain encounters, if the player breaks the law or is even accused of doing so a SkyCorps patrol will arrive to deal with him, using his tracking bracelet to hunt him down and punish him, by exiling him from DMC for a long period of time.