Deer are wild animals populating Michigan in NEO Scavenger.


Light brown in color, with even brighter underbelly and alertly set ears, the deer can be instantly identified by it's non-threatening appearance. Without any visible horns it can be doe as well as hind.


Deer can be seen wandering in the open on rare occasions, but few players will meet with one eye-to-eye unless they manage to stumble into a location the deer took as refuge. They prefer some parts of the map more than others, and locating deer-rich regions is a basic thing to do for any self-respecting hunter. Often, deer are seen travelling in herds.


Having "hooves" listed as it's weapon, deer will almost never actively attack and almost always try to run away as fast as possible. Because they can perform a "Sprint" combat move, they can easily out-run most characters. Your best chance to engage one in melee will be after cornering the animal in a small wood or other close-quarters hex.

Because dead deer yield a lot of meat and hides, even for non-trappers, many characters will want to kill at least one, at one point or another. The best way to get it is by using ranged weapons, hoping that a single shot will kill or incapacitate it. If that did not happen, all is left to do is to follow the wounded animal (tracking and eagle eye skills can help with that) and wait for it to bleed out or get weakened enough to slow down in some tighter space and catch up with it.

Their hooves do about or slightly higher damage than a punch, causing mild bruising.

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