The DMC Sprawl is the area around the Detroit Megacity. It is filled with people who cannot afford DMC pass, but still wish to live under the DMC Guard's protection.


All Sprawl hexes have a Communal Fire Barrel, providing the player with full move points and a fire source, as well as an unlicensed power tap. In addition, there are a few special locations. Except for Hatter's Office and DMC Gate, which automatically become visible, the other locations are only discovered when the player occupy their precise hexes.

  • Detroit Megacity Gate
  • Hatter's Office
  • "Last Chance" Canteen
  • Junk Market
  • St. James Parkade

Most areas near the Sprawl are picked clean by scavengers, so loot chance is very low. If player move 15 hexes or more away from the Sprawl, loot chance becomes normal.

Detroit Megacity GateEdit

See DMC Gate

Hatter's OfficeEdit

See Hatter

"Last Chance" CanteenEdit


The last chance entrance menu.

A restaurant which offer cheaper meals than the Red Gnome Diner. Its menu includes:


The images of the meals are arranged according to the list beside it.

  • Mixed veggie bowl ($5)
  • Mixed veggie bowl with protein 'crispies' ($7)
  • Sweet and sour seagull wings ($8)
  • Tenders ($4)
  • Non-veg stew ($4)
  • Bottled water ($20)

Nutritional effects are as follows:

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  • Mixed veggie bowl: 7 nutrition (4.2%) and 2 hydration (2.8%)
  • Mixed veggie bowl with protein 'crispies': 17 nutrition (10.1%) and 14 hydration (19.4%)
  • Sweet and sour seagull wings: 5 nutrition (3.0%) and 1 hydration (1.3%), 25% chance of gastroenteritis
  • Tenders: 5 nutrition (3.0%) and 1 hydration (1.3%)
  • Non-veg stew: 17 nutrition (10.1%) and 14 hydration (19.4%), 25% chance of gastroenteritis

Junk MarketEdit

The Junk Market will buy and sell goods, much like the ATN Enclave, but have different items and with more variety.

St. James ParkadeEdit

St. James Parkade has campsites, where the player is able to purchase storage and/or sleeping spots for one night. After renting a spot, the player can increase the duration of the rental by "using" the St. James Parkade sign in the Items screen.The options include:

  • Pickup truck ($20/day; $120/week, $400/4 weeks)
  • Hatchback ($45/day, $300/week, $1000/4 weeks)
  • Full size van ($120/day; $800/week, $3000/4 weeks)

The truck comes with just a light. The hatchback is equipped with a heater and door locks, while the van is for those with a "taste for finer living", "with its own chem-toilet". The van has the benefit of not needing a sleeping bag in order to sleep.