DMC Snipers are a type of DMC Guard, only they will only show up on the battlefield if a regular Guard calls for sniper support. They are equipped with the same armor as ordinary guards, with the exception of night vision goggles and their own type of sniper rifle. When called to the battlefield, DMC Snipers will attack with a '4mm gauss round', which has an unknown, but clearly very long range and can cause significant bleeding wounds, with the potential to kill in a single shot. It is theoretically possible to kill a DMC Sniper, as it is possible to locate them on the battlefield, however the difficulty in doing so would be extreme given their shooting skills. Also, when deployed on the battlefield, DMC Snipers only stay there for a few turns before leaving on their own, possibly due to running out of ammunition.

Since recent updates, DMC snipers have been replaced with DMC drones.

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