DMC Guard
Members of the SkyCorps private security force, DMC Guards are responsible for keeping the region surrounding the Detroit Megacity Gate safe and under the city's control. They follow their duty with determination, eliminating any threat to their home-city dominance with all the force their high-tech equipment can provide.

DMC Guardsmen can be easily recognized by their distinctive, black uniforms consisting of: pair of tactical boots, cargo pants, long-sleeved shirt, pair of tactical gloves and face-covering balaclava as well as tactical armored vest and helmet.


Guards patrol the area around the DMC Gate, attacking any monsters and gangers they encounter. Unlike the real denizens of the Michigan wildlands, guards are only outside of the city walls for eight-hour shifts, returning back to the base once their work-day is over. Because of that, guards do not gather any loot, nor do they look for it, concentrating on the patrol duty instead. However if attacked, guards may loot the player.

Initially, the guards are neutral towards the player's character and, unless otherwise provoked, will usually leave him alone. If engaged in friendly manner, they are even willing to answer a quick question or two, but tend to react poorly, and with little patience, to people asking inappropriate ones.

Warning: If threatened or attacked, guards will permanently flag the player's character as hostile.

Faction RelationsEdit

DMC Guards tend to engage into combat with any gang members, both Bad Muthas and Blue Frogs, on sight. They tend to tolerate the looters more, only engaging them occasionally, usually forcing them to run away.

Combat TacticsEdit

The guards are extremely dangerous opponents, mostly due to their second-to-none equipment. They are all skilled in ranged combat, armed with combat shotguns and .45 calibre pistols, and wearing heavy tactical vests and helmets.

One way to defeat one of them is to lure a single guardsman into someplace remote, preferably where combat starts at short range (like ruins or forest), get close using cover and engage in hand-to-hand combat.

DMC Guards have the unique ability to call in the support of a Drone if attacked. Those Drones are heavily armored and armed with the extremely deadly Gauss guns. They stay on the battlefield only for short periods of time but are capable of causing extensive amounts of damage. Characters not prepared for a very hard battle, should avoid such situations at all cost.

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