Creature - Drone

A DMC drone is a flying robot that provides fire support for the DMC Guards when called.


A drone is a grey-colored hovering machine, about the size of a grown man, roughly resembling a helicopter in shape (although it does not have a top rotor-blade to keep it in the air).


When a DMC guard is attacked, there is a chance that he will call for Drone Support as one of his actions during the fight. When the drone arrives, it will join the fight from long range. It will leave after a certain amount of time passes or when the fight ends. The guard, however, will still have the option to call another one.


It is generally best to avoid fighting a DMC Drone due to its high damage output and heavy armor. However, the UAV wreckage that it drops when defeated can be used to craft a Homemade 4mm Gauss Rifle.

Each drone is armed with a 4mm Gauss Rifle and is extremely accurate. It is also well armored, so weapons with high armor penetration will be the most effective against it. They are also vulnerable to melee weapons, such as the broad spear. Utilizing 'total' cover will provide the best chance at defeating a DMC Drone.