Crippled is a condition you can get from being hit very hard on one of your limbs, hard enough that the bone inside breaks, or severely cut, which damages the nerves and renders your limb unusable. It is very painful, limiting, and slow healing unless treated. In the medical tab it looks like a split bone surrounded by red.

Problems it causesEdit


Any broken limbs ( Right arm, Left arm, Left leg, Right leg) will cause severe pain, limiting movement in combat and in the main map.

Crippled ArmEdit

Player will not be able to hold any object in the hands of a crippled arm. In the inventory and medical tab, Player will be informed of a crippled arm. Any item held in a hand will be dropped to the ground if the arm is crippled. Broken arms tend to heal faster than legs.

Crippled LegEdit

If one of your legs is crippled, your movement will be slowed down to 1 move/turn, and you will not be able to run, sprint, or charge in combat. Broken legs heal slower than arms.


If you have broken your arm or leg, you should quickly create a rough splint out of 2 small, flexible objects like a couple old shirts or some rags and a medium shaft such as a branch. Then, simply attach it to the crippled limb. This speeds up healing greatly, since the splint helps prevent movement and keeps the bone in place.

Furthermore, using a Nanobot Medical Kit will help the player heal of his crippled limbs faster.

You should get plenty of rest as well and try to safeguard the limb from further injury.

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