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Clearbone Valley is a location that can be encountered only after hacking into King Elias' smartphone (which may be carried by Queen Liza, if Elias died at Saginaw Mental Institution) and accessing the address info. It is 6 tiles east and 5 tiles south from the Saginaw Mental Institution.

Philip must wear a Hospital Gown and a Blue Frog Sash (and be in good standing at Saginaw) to meet with King Elias' family: his wife, Samantha, and his teenage children, Erin and Paul. They will realize that Philip's appearance means Elias is gone (though it is possible to simply loot his phone from Elias or Liza, and not kill either one.) Philip can then ask Samantha about one of four possible topics: Elias (and the cure for Blue Rot), Samantha, her children, or the Blue Frogs.

  • Asking about Elias reveals that he only saw his family once or twice a month, and for only a day or two at a time. They are under the impression that his work was that of a medicine courier.
  • Asking about Samantha leads her to describe how she and Elias first met. One might become suspicious about the events of that day.
  • Asking about her children has her say that Erin would be alright, but that she worries about Paul. Apparently, something between him and Elias was left unresolved.
  • Asking about the Blue Frogs reveals that Elias kept her completely in the dark about them.

Choosing any action other than leaving leads to Philip being invited inside. He can talk with Erin and/or Paul before descending the stairs to the basement. Having the key fob from Elias/Liza will unlock the door to a campsite filled with samples of both Blue Rot and its cure, YpcV.

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