"Hiya Poopy" children's backpack
Value (at 100%): $32.00
Weight: 0.38 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 6 x 8

The "Hiya Poopy" children's backpack is a container item found in the NEO Scavenger. It can be equipped to the special backpack slot (upper right corner of the paper-doll).

The backpack can be used to hold most of the item types in the game, although its inventory grid is smaller than that of a Yukon canvas backpack. Just like its larger counterpart, the children's backpack can be held in the player character's hands, meaning that player can carry additional ones to rise their carrying capacity. But it is recommended to use a makeshift sack instead of the backpack if you carry it in your hands. The makeshift sack has 1x10 + 2x10 more space than the backpack, so if the player has to carry a lot in their hands, better stick to the makeshift sack.

The Hiya Poopy character, whose "face" is printed on the front of the backpack is a, apparently popular, pre-collapse children's cartoon. Other merchandise of that trade-mark, that can be found in the game, includes the "Hiya Poopy" UVDs.

Properties and recipe usesEdit

  • Medium Fire Fuel:
    • Medium Campfire (lit) (1)
    • Medium Campfire (stoked) (1)

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