Bus terminal. Rusted, burnt hulks litter the area, tilting on bare metal wheels. Fallen signage, torn seats, dirty, ripped carpets everywhere. And dust. Inches of it.

A man, darting from cover to cover, is heading towards you, Using the wreakage to weave a path to safety. Rubble scum are on his trail. They know that he's close, but they keep losing sight of him. You can hear their howls of anticipation.

You dive under the nearest bus, and wiggle out of sight. The man runs right up to where you are, unaware of your presence, Panting. Tired.


1. Hey, buddy, over here! (Call to him)

(Man runs to you and kicks up a dust cloud, compromising your position. Player escapes with 1 minor injuries + fatigued.)

2. Roll a rock from under the bus. Trick the rubble scum into thinking he's over there. (Create distraction)

(Rolling the rock leaves a trail of dust being pushed aside, pointing staight to where you are. Man escapes first, but the player was too late. Player escapes with 3 minor injuries + fatigued.)

3. You are a big believer of hear no evil, see no evil. (Wait)

(Man got captured and was hung upside-down, revealing your position to the man. Player signals him to keep quiet but was betrayed. Player escapes but loses 3 random items.)

4. Pull on that old electical cable. Trip him. Then get out of there, fast. (Create obstacle)

(Man tripped and got captured. Player escapes without any harm.)