This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Broadhead Arrow
Broadhead Arrow
Value (at 100%): $5.00
Weight: 0.02 kg
Stack Size: 5
Arrow Stab: Broadhead (Melee)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Yellow 17 full
Reach: 1

A broadhead arrow is a modern, professionally made projectile intended for hunting or sports. Pristine, high-quality fletching makes it more effective and durable, but also pretty hard to come by. Can be used with any bow, both professional and improvised.

In the game total damage potential is roughly equal for professional broadhead arrows versus their crude cousins. All kinds of arrows can cause severe bleeding wounds and minor bruising.

A broadhead can be able to penetrate into wounds, causing it to stick inside. This will have the message, "Player removed a barbed object from their wound."

Each time a broadhead arrow is fired it degrades by 19%, as compared with 35% for a crude arrow.

In desperate situations arrows themselves can be used as a stabbing melee weapons, but they will often break when used this way. The damage potential is roughly the same as when fired from a bow. As with all melee weapons, this attack is much deadlier in the hands of a combatant who is Strong and/or skilled with melee weapons.

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