• Pekiti

    Almost done with the game

    February 26, 2015 by Pekiti

    I've pretty much done everything that can be done with the game at this point, broken down to incremental goals:

    Win it (escape) with various builds (melee only, ranged only, no-combat skills), multiple times.

    Uncovered the entire map via scouting every land hex on foot.

    Killed 100 Dogmen, 100 Blue Frogs, 100 DMC Guards (that was tedious).

    Killed the Mergawraith, the Enfield Horror, and many DMC drones.

    Survived getting infected with Blue Rot.

    I think that when I finish this run, I'll park the game for a while. It's been well worth the purchase price.

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  • Pekiti

    Building A Better Base Camp

    January 18, 2015 by Pekiti

    Entry removed to rewrite the article in a better format.

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  • Pekiti

    After many play throughs of the game, I've noticed that there seem to be three distinct stages to game play.

    You have little or no equipment, and you are in danger of dying from hypothermia, thirst, hunger, sickness, or enemy action. Your priorities are focused on getting the basics as fast as you can - water, shelter (including clothing), and a weapon. You want to avoid the bad guys as much as you can, but it feels like Time is your biggest enemy. You only have so many turns before you freeze or die of thirst. This describes the first few turns of the game, but it can happen later in the game too. You can end up back in this condition if you surrender, or get robbed, or get your camp looted while you are away. Likewise, if you get infected o…

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  • Pekiti

    Neo Scavenger is a "guns or butter" game. You have a finite amount of carrying capacity, determined by three things: your physical strength (do you have the Strong or Feeble traits), the containers you find or buy (backpacks, bags, boxes and so forth), and the encumbrance (weight/space) of the items you want to carry. Every turn, you make decisions on which items to carry with you and which items to leave behind. Do you carry this weapon or that one...or more than one? Do you try to carry more water and food, or more tools? "Guns or butter" - eventually you will need both, but you have to choose which to carry now. Choose wisely, or pay the price, sooner or later.

    Your strength is determined by your choice of perks and flaws.

    • If you pick the …

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  • Pekiti

    Scorched Earth

    January 13, 2015 by Pekiti

    Back in World War 2, the Russians had a strategy called 'Scorched Earth' that they used against the German army that was advancing through the Russian countryside. Retreating forces would consume and/or pick up everything useful that they could carry, and then burn/destroy everything they left behind. The enemy that pursued them found the are stripped of food, water, resources of any kind. This meant the advancing army had to bring their own supplies with them as they traveled...greatly slowing and eventually halting their offensive.

    Every time I enter a hex, I look at what's there for resources, and then decide what to do with each item, by category. If an item is valuable to me, but not something I can use right now, I stash it in the bes…

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  • Pekiti

    Identifying Safe Water

    January 11, 2015 by Pekiti

    Water 'droplets' you find while scavenging natural locations (forests, hills, empty fields, etc) are NOT safe to drink unless you test them somehow first. You can get infections (and die) or be posioned (and die) from water that is contaminated. Boiling water to sterilize it will kill infections, but it won't remove poisons (like you find in the Great Black Swamp). Likewise, water purification tablets will kill infections, but they don't remove posions either.

    Bottles of water you find on corpses (including people you just defeated in combat) are NOT safe to drink unless they contain water labeled as 'water (sterilized)'. this is very important to remember - just because some guy was carrying bottles of water, it doesn't mean he got it from…

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  • Pekiti

    First, if you haven't already done so, find and install the NEOScavenger Save Manager (link available in a number of places, including This gives you the ability to save your game in three different slots, and start over from a saved game after you die (rather than lose your entire game to a bug or an accidental mouse click). This is the single most important thing you can do to reduce your stress.

    Second, consider your character build carefully before starting. I find certain skills essential for an enjoyable game, but your mileage may vary. I'm currently using a build with:

    • Melee (essential skill)

    • Trapping (essential skill)

    • Botany (essential skill)

    • Medic (extremely useful, but not essential)

    • Eagle Eye (useful, but not essential)

    • Insom…

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  • Pekiti

    Soup Can Survival Kit

    January 11, 2015 by Pekiti

    The common soup can is one of the most useful items you can find in the game, and you should always carry one if you get the chance.


    • it doesn't degrade like most items
    • it can hold pill bottles inside of itself, and you can fill those pill bottles with small items. (This saves space in your pockets and in camp).
    • it can be used to boil water (but only one 'drop' at a time, instead of 2-3 at a time like a saucepan)
    • it can be used to make noise traps, although empty plastic water bottles and pill bottles are more easily found for the purpose
    • you can buy them in the DMC, at the C-store in the Concrete Jungle (they come filled with soup at the store).
    • if you find or buy one with soup inside of it, the soup does not spoil like most foods
    • it fit…
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