Bleeding is a type of condition acquired by receiving an open wound. It could be a result from a bladed-type weapon or an event-based situation. When bleeding, character's blood will systematically drop. Bleeding can also be accompanied by pain. If left untreated, the victim could lose a lot of blood and may incur shock.

Types of bleedingEdit


This is a normal type of bleeding. It often occurs from cuts or major bruises.


Bleeding internally occurs when heavy blunt trauma is inflicted to the torso, causing the victim to bleed from their internal organs. This may cause the victim to cough blood, which may cause them to die from acute lung bleeding.


For external bleeding, the wound should be washed with sterilized water, Tannin teawhiskey or water purification pills to prevent infection, then clean rags should be applied to stop bleeding, as soon as possible, to avoid consequences of severe bloodloss. Check the wound from time to time, take off the rags as soon as it has stopped bleeding to avoid unneccesarily soiling rags.

For internal bleeding, you cannot do much except for trying to protect the torso from further damage.

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