Black Mold is a toxic species of Stachybotrys mold which grows in poorly-ventilated—usually older—buildings.

In the game, Black Mold can be encountered while scavenging certain urban locations as a result of a scavenging accident. Therefore, keeping the "Safety" bar high lowers the possibility of mold exposure.

If the player character is exposed to black mold, he will suffer an allergy-like reaction that, while not directly harmful, has general negative effects on health restoration and fighting capacities, but only for for a short period of time.

Wearing a gas mask (with a working filter) will prevent the mold exposure, even if the scavenging accident does happen, as can a crude air filter 34% of the time.

The specific effects of the resulting Nasal Allergies reaction are:
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For 1 hour:

  • Reduces immune system integrity by 15%
  • Causes pain equal to 15% of maximum
  • Decreases morale (combat threat) by 15%
  • Reduces defense by 6%
  • Reduces effectiveness of sleep by 35%


  • Toxic Black Mold is a real world danger when exploring, living in or otherwise interacting with old buildings.

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