This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Black Box with Antennae
Black Box with Antennae
Value (at 100%): $5.00 / $50.00
Weight: 0.34 kg
Stack Size: 1

The black box with antennae and lcd readouts on it (also known as "some sort of signal-measuring device. Possibly for measuring field strengths.", for those with the Electrician skill) is an item received from The Stoat after choosing the following options in the order provided below:

  1. About that trade...
  2. Take the deal.
  3. Just give him the info.

The Stoat indicates that it will "keep the player healthy" during the task of recovering information for him at Camp Grayling.

Function Edit

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The black box can be used to detect a non-lethal section of the electric fence surrounding Camp Grayling, allowing the player to gain entrance by cutting through it using a Pearson "Ravager" multitool pocket knife.

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