Bear Root
Bear Root
Value (at 100%): $4.0
Weight: 0.05 kg
Stack Size: 5

Bear root is a natural medicine item. It can be bought on the ATN enclave trading post. The ATN Warriors carry it sometimes as well, so it can also be looted from their bodies on occasion.

It can be used as an ingredient in tannin tea, alternate to the twigs and bark or can be ingested raw. When eaten it can help with a number of afflictions and sicknesses. Unlike the tannin tea however, which generally strengthens the character's Immune System helping him to stay healthy and survive the disease, the root has a chance to remove certain health conditions totally. The chance is lower the further the sickness has advanced.


Once the "Chewed on Bear Root" condition passes, the chances of removing conditions are:

  • Pneumonia 1 - 50%
  • Pneumonia 2 - 2.5%
  • Pneumonia 3 - 1.25%
  • Coughing - 100%
  • Severe Coughing - 50%
  • Headache - 40%
  • Blue Rot 1 - 25%
  • Blue Rot 2 - 1.25%
  • Blue Rot 3 - 0.7%