Battery Sparkers
Battery Sparker (both)
Small - Medium
Small Battery "Sparker"
Value (at 100%): $4.00
Weight: 0.06 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 1 x 2
Medium Battery "Sparker"
Value (at 100%): $9.00
Weight: 0.70 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 2 x 2

Battery "sparkers" are tools used to create sparks, in order to start a fire. They can be used with paper, twigs, or other kindling. They require electric charges to function. The small variety can store up to 20 charges, while the medium one can store up to 80 charges.

Battery "sparkers" can be found during scavenging, bought at the Junk Market, or crafted using a small or medium sized battery and small mechanical parts.

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