A Bad Mutha is a character and faction in NEO Scavenger. They practice cannibalism, and will attack on sight. They are heavily involved with the activities surrounding Zom Zom's, organizing fights and selling BBQ, made from human meat, to visitors.


Bad Muthas usually have the Strong, Tough, Melee, and/or Ranged skills. They also have advanced tracking skills, allowing them to easily hunt the player. They are well-equipped for battle and will attack without hesitation. They tend to be resistant to threats, unless badly wounded.

Faction RelationsEdit

The Bad Muthas are hostile and aggressive toward everyone they encounter.

Combat TacticsEdit

It's best to deal with Bad Muthas from a distance, using firearms. However, they can sometimes be equipped with long ranged weapons as well, turning such encounters into deadly show-downs.

During melee combat, dodging and parrying should be used, as each blow from a Bad Mutha can be deadly. It's best to attack only when they are "vulnerable."

If unskilled in combat, running away is a good option.

If you are having trouble dealing with the Bad Muthas try to get strong or melee.


  • Due to their dealing with human captives, the Bad Muthas may have some "business" connections with Alvin's Butchers (a known gang of slavers).

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