Arrows are sharp-tipped pieces of wood with something light and air-catching at the back, making them the perfect ranged weapon. If you get hit with one, make sure you get the the wound patched up because if you get shot with an arrow and it goes into your wound, you can pull it out but it might cause: ?% infection(if you have moderate/severe bleeding or/and wound) , 100% more bleeding 100% more of a wound to worry about. If you have a wound and but have an arrow you could but keep the arrow inside, you may get the worst effect possible : severe: infection, bleeding, wound, death and crippling in the arenas of: 100% death through head, 100% crippled if hit on the shoulders or the upper part of legs and possibly death if you are hit at the upper chest where you die due to the arrow managing to stab your heart. If you have an infection, you can disinfect it with Whiskey or *Tannin Tea . Water is ineffective. If you manage to break the arrow during melee combat, it can become stuck in the victims body, you could check for loot and pull out the arrows. Not pulling out the arrow or not disinfecting the wound would sometimes lead to Sepsis

There are three types of arrows;