Everyone thinks that the rubble scum have got your number. If not them, then slavers will cart you off to a life of servitude.

No one realizes that the biggest threat out here in the wastelands is disease. Persistent filth, nonexistent sanitation, and people huddled together for safety add up to bug heaven.

Enclaves in particular are ruthless. The moment you show a rash, you're out of the gate. On your own. It's the only way to limit the contagion.

You could be wrong, but you thought the last one you saw had smallpox. This one, who knows? He's sweating rivers, coughing blood, and shivering.

But he's going to give you an entire crate of ammo if you help him. He's sitting right on it.


1. Help the man. If you don't, who will? (Heal)

(As the player places the man in a comfortable position, he thanks him then gives him a small package, saying that he isn't going to last long. He urges the player to leave him or else he would end up like him as well. He later taps on the crate and says it's empty. Player recieves 3 ammo from the small package.)

2. You're more worried about catching something than humanitarianism. Leave him to cough up a storm on his own. (Retreat)

(He's sitting on the crown jewels for all you care. Keep moving. Nothing happens.)

3. Kick him off the box of ammo. He won't put up any resistance. (Kick)

(A kick is over kill. A stiff breeze would've done it. No matter. He's sprawled, coughing and bleeding, and you're free to crack open that big box of goodies. Except it's empty. Typical. A lesser man might have taken his frustrations out on the two-faced sicko, but you're made of sterner stuff. Instead, you kick the crap out of the box before walking off. Life isn't fair. No, sir. Nothing happens.)

4. Throw rocks at the sicko until he gets off the box and leaves. (Attack)

(It doens't take much. A couple of well-aimed rocks to the head, and he gets to his feet and stumbles off, leaving a mess of blood and muck behind. The player claws opens the ammunition box, only to find it empty. Something is wrong with the world when sick people lie to you. Nothing happens.)


  • Code Name: Good 6.2
  • Found in City Hex.