ATN Warriors
ATN warriors are the members of Anishinabe Tribal Nation, tasked with protecting the nation's enclaves and territory. Being more guards than raiders, the warriors stay peaceful towards the player if unprovoked. They can be most often encountered patrolling the area surrounding the ATN Enclave.
War Paint

ATN face-paint

Warriors of the ATN can be easily recognized by their characteristic red mohawks and faces painted white. They can also often be seen wearing long coats made of hide.


Tasked with keeping peace around the Anishinabe territory, warriors are usually friendly towards non-aggressive people passing by. They are quite talkative, and can offer the directions into their camp, to those they see as worthy of that knowledge.

The warriors usually travel alone, rarely forming bigger groups.

Faction RelationsEdit

Wishing nothing but to be left alone, warriors of the ATN leave other peaceful travellers alone. As all people of the Michigan wildlands, the very notion of being alive makes them at war with the cannibalistic Bad Muthas gang.

Combat TacticsEdit

ATN warriors are usually equipped with an assortment of primitive melee weapons, most dangerous being the war clubs of their own production. Some of them can also be seen armed with the Anishinabe bows, which combined with their knowledge of the Ranged skill, makes them rather dangerous opponents on longer distances.

Players wishing to kill a warrior can take advantage of his initial friendliness, to get close enough and launch a surprise attack, hopefully gaining enough advantage to end the fight quickly and decisively. All sorts of ranged tactics are also advised (with the exception of warriors armed with bows), allowing players to avoid the dangerous club and spear attacks.

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