3 Dog Moon T-Shirt
3 Dog Moon T-Shirt
Value (at 100%): $56.00
Weight: 0.15 kg
Stack Size: 1

A 3 Dog Moon T-Shirt is a type of clothing item. Reading random TXT files found on electronic devices suggests the T-Shirt holds special powers.

The following is information from the "3 Dog Moon" T-Shirt Review datafile:

"This shirt has changed my life. I don't know what it is, but I feel like power courses through my veins when I wear it. With not one, not two, but THREE dogs AND a moon, I feel like I am nature's power incarnate. I could even take on a dogman!
If they were real, that is. For now, I practice dominating my pug, Bradley, for when that day inevitably comes."


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When equipped, a 3 Dog Moon T-Shirt provides a 25% chance to gain an reputation boost with dogmen (200 against the usual -100), which results in dogmen being non-aggressive for one hour (one turn). This is calculated by a check against the item's properties, which occurs each hour of game time. When the boost is active, dogmen will attempt to retreat from combat encounters. This effect only works against dogmen – not against feral dogs or other creatures.

Trivia Edit

This item is most likely a reference to the Three Wolf Moon shirt meme.

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