This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
"Hot Brick" RTG Cell
Hot Brick
Value (at 100%): $250.00
Weight: 2.10 kg
Stack Size: 1

Bob's "Hot Brick" RTG Cell (RTG standing for Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator) is a crudely made device capable of generating a steady amount of electrical energy (in form of Electric Charges) from heat released by decay of radioactive isotope inside.

Made by Bob, the eccentric inhabitant of the Isotope Mine, and constructed from salvaged materials (an empty Soup Can obviously serving as a casing), the Hot Brick is not exactly a safe implement. It leaks some alpha radiation, causing cutaneous radiation syndrome (a slight radiation-caused skin burn), if used for a prolonged amount of time. There is a plus side to its make-shift design however, as it also radiates extensive amounts of heat, making it possible to get warmed by simply holding it in hand. It gives the character a "Holding RTG Cell" condition if held in hand and a status window info saying:

Player is holding RTG cell, warming them a little.

The Hot Brick has a 3x4 storage grid for charges, being able to hold up to total of 240 charges at a time. It has 136 charges when freshly bought from Bob and generates 10 charges per hour.


The Hot Brick can be bought from Bob in the Isotope Mine (not possible in every game) in exchange for player's Bronze Talisman or any other valuable item such as Dogman Fur Coat or a XM54 Gas Mask. It can also be brought for some medium cured meat, medium raw meat, Whiskey and/or Drugs, depending on the amount of each you offer.

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